Does the Brexit change something for tourists going in the UK ?

Does the Brexit change something for tourists going in the UK ?

Brexit is a subject that is very important when it comes to tourism. Especially for EU countries that previously accessed the UK without much difficulty, traveling there could be more difficult. Visas, duty-free and even higher prices, future UK tourists must be warned about the possible consequences of Brexit on their next vacation.

Visa and authorization requests will be mandatory

The freedom of movement of British nationals in other European Union countries could be questioned. Depending on the terms negotiated with the EU, the British will be required to have a visa to go to other European countries.

No agreement has been signed so far, which will impose the same rules for Europeans leaving for the UK. Up to now, it was enough for EU tourists to present an identity card to walk on British soil. But once Britain is no longer part of the Union family, access to the territory beyond the Channel will have to be rethought.

UK will be less open and less accessible than before

Directly affecting tourism, future tourists will have to consider the following consequences:

  • Extended Customs Controls:

Consecrated by Article 20 of the Treaty on European Union, freedom of movement and residence is also guaranteed by Article 45 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. It is one of the attributes of European citizenship. In the event of a "hard Brexit", the borders would therefore be fully restored by March 2019, leading to congestion at border points, the re-establishment of customs formalities and permanent controls.

  • Travel insurance subscription:

The European health insurance card especially, will no longer be effective for British citizens. In the future, they will have to take out travel insurance to continue to receive free medical care abroad.

  • Return of duty-free:

According to the progress of the negotiations, "the status of non-resident community could apply". Tourists could therefore be withdrawn VAT on products across the Channel, which is now 20%.

  • Consequences on air transport:

Finally, air transport could also be affected by a rise in plane ticket prices. Community agreements allow European companies to operate between any European cities without restriction. The deal could change, so plane tickets to the UK will increase in price. If you plan a travel in 2019 so, do not rely on current prices anymore. They could completely change.

A visit to the country of Shakespeare

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